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Saturday, May 29, 2004

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Caillech is now a canine good citizen! Yay! Also, she's adorable. (More photos from that set.) Noelle and Caillech both worked really hard to manage that, and I'm so proud of them.

In absolutely unrelated news, I get 18mpg when driving like an asshole, and 27mpg when driving to maximize gas efficiency. Since my normal gas usage is 23mpg, I conclude that I am 48% asshole.

Oddly, in the RAV4, I was never able to discern a difference in gas consumption based on my driving style.

Friday, May 21, 2004

This comment got me thinking. Apparently, in Troy, Helen is "a passive nonentity." Is it because the plot dictates that she's attractive, and being headstrong would make her less attractive? It seems like, in general, if a woman is going to be romantically attractive in a movie, she can't kick ass 100%. Either she's going to be just sort of passive, or she's going to have some sort of endearing flaw that can only be overcome with the help of her love interest.

I don't know... Maybe I'm not really explaining what I'm thinking very well, and maybe it's just because most of the movies I watch are action movies, and maybe I just really need to put more thought into this. What I wonder, though, is if it really is the case that the "target demographic" really doesn't find themselves attracted to a woman unless they know she'd suffer if he weren't around, or if it's just that the whole "woman gets in over her head, man comes along to save her" scene is a deeply ingrained cliche and nobody knows how to make a movie without it. I know I always find myself dutifully cooing along when the darling bird breaks her wing, but I'm much more enthralled when the love interest actually stays dangerous through the whole film.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

During my breaks from studying, I've been playing a little City of Heroes. Actually, playing probably isn't the best word - I've spent more time creating characters than I have playing.

I started to write up some thoughts, but it ended up sounding like an advertisment for their character creation system. In short, the character creation is awesome, the game itself is alright. It's exactly what I want in an MMORPG right now; something where you can fire it up, beat up some thugs, and shut it right back down.

Now, back to Property.

Oh - yeah. And I've only seen three characters so far that were total ripoffs of major DC/Marvel properties. I C E M A N was the worst - it looked like an ordinary guy in a white bodysuit. The Tickman was stupid, but at least they did an alright job with the costume. And I haven't gotten a close enough look at Ms. Marvel to see if it's just the name that's a ripoff. (Uh... I'm an idiot. The Tick is not DC/Marvel. I know this, really, I do.)
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