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I realised one of the really cool things about my phenomenally low readership. I can actually go through and look at the IP address of each and every person who visits my site. Not that I would, of course - I collect that data for aggregate use only, and it's really just depressing seeing each and every one of the 150 visits from *.inktomi.com that seem to make up about half the traffic to my site. I guess it might be neat to try stalking people who visit, though - track their visits, try to figure out their e-mail address, and send them e-mails asking them why they don't visit more often.

I just found out about the junior hockey beating death that occurred last week. That's really just so surreal, but like many articles have pointed out, the really shocking thing is how surprising we find this. The USA certainly has a violent society, and I cannot imagine this is the first fist-fight that has broken out over youth sport, here. I think it's just a testament to how difficult it really is to beat someone to death that this is the first such incidence. This isn't a comment on this case, so much, but I really wonder how you beat someone to death in self-defence. It seems like we have two quantities we're looking at - the number of punches necessary for "stop hitting me" and the number of punches necessary for "fall unconscious and later die, despite prompt medical treatment." In order to beat someone to death in self-defence, it seems like the difference between those numbers has to be close to 0. I guess there's flukes... Well, anyway, I'm glad my dad never died at any of my little league baseball practices.

It's clear now that although virtually everything I do on a computer happens better when I'm listening to rap, lettering gets much, much worse. Panel 3 today was lettered in silence, 1 and 2 were lettered while listening to some of the selections from the Monsters of Rap collection which are actually rap. (Straight Outta Compton was at work.)

Monday, July 17, 2000

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