Flail doyou ?
I have not consulted a lawyer, nor do I wish to consult a lawyer, to construct this copyright notice. I expect anyone who views the material on my web page to respect my right to determine the ends towards which it is reproduced because of the effort I put into creating the material, not because of the strength of my legal documents.

That said, the documents to which this notice refers may be freely redistributed in any form, modified or unmodified, so long as no profit is made off such distribution. It may similarly be distributed for profit so long as I am credited, either as "Chris Koeberle" or as "KodiaK", for the work I have done.

In plainer terms, if you're making money off my stuff, at least mention where you got it. If you're not making money, they're just bytes.

This document applies to all documents published by me on my web page containing a link to this notice, and to all images included thereon, except of course the screenshots, which I just really couldn't avoid.

copyright 2000 Chris Koeberle