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Sunday, February 29, 2004

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

So. Having listened to "Poison" about 20 times since yesterday, I've discovered that I actually really like the lyrics. I didn't like them much when it first came out. It's possible that's because when it first came out, I didn't wanna hurt someone just to hear them screaming my name. I dunno. But even now, listening to the Alice Cooper version isn't the same for me - I'm not as involved, and I don't fancy the lyrics as much. This strikes me as odd, because the singer in the song is espousing the viewpoint that I identify with - why would I identify more when the singer is female? It's not like "The Leader of the Pack," which touches me because I pity the singer.

Upon further reflection, it seems to me that I simply don't believe males when they sing love songs. I've fervently expressed my undying love for a person when I wasn't just trying to get into their pants, and I'm sure other males have done so as well, but my fundamental assumption when I hear a guy go weak in the knees for a girl is that they're just horny. I believe Bruce Springsteen when he sings "I'm on Fire," but I have no faith whatsoever that Paul McCartney just wants to hold my hand. I'm having a hard time coming up with more examples of love songs sung by males, because I really don't like them. But as soon as a female sings them, suddenly my reaction is "Oh, yeah, I know just what she's talking about."

It's probably worth pointing out that when I say "love song" I mean songs sung to a target who we assume has some interest in the singer, or particularly mopey songs about how awesome the singer's loved one is. I have no problem with "it's too bad I'm too screwed up to have a chance with the girl I love" songs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I'm not sure I've ever been more ashamed to admit how much I like a song. Groove Coverage's cover of "Poison" is fricking AWESOME. It's a synthed up cover of one of Alice Cooper's poppiest songs, and I LOVE it. You can hear it on the site if you want to listen to it before mocking me.
Hm. I destroy 10 vehicles in 60 seconds. I click on the sheep until they blow up. I send my orcs to massacre seals. I blow up lemmings to watch the fireworks. I keep trying to hit the pedestrians, even though they always dodge. I try to shoot the dog when he laughs at me after I miss all the ducks. I blend frogs.

But for some reason,
Poacher bothers me. I think I agree with ceej (midway down, can search for "penis") that part of the reason is that the motivation for poaching is just so amazingly lame. In fact, I think that's the main part of it. Maybe I don't have any qualms about doing any of the antisocial things I've done in video games because you can always get more vehicles, sheep, seals, lemmings, pedestrians and frogs. (The dog is an orb finder and immortal.) Poaching is inextricably entwined with the scarcity and possible extinction of the poached animals. There's no way I can shut my eyes to that when I think about poaching. If it were just some "rhinocerous skeet" swf, I probably wouldn't think twice about it, because it's not about trying to make as much money as possible while extinguishing a species.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Why are people who make Quizilla quizzes so freaking lazy? First it was that stupid "Are you a music GAWD?" quiz, where there were only two outcomes, and all you had to do was get half of them right to get the best outcome... And now it's this - the questions aren't equally weighted, so I can't figure out how how many you need to know to get the best possible (of two) result, but it can't be much - I had to guess at half of them, at least. I know that griping about a Quizilla quiz is like complaining about the quality of graffiti in a junior high school girl's restroom, but... These people obviously thought they knew something. Some of the questions don't suck. Why couldn't they muster at least, say, 4 images - one for really good, one for really bad, and two to round out the middle? Is it that hard?


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Wow. I really am just too lucky for my own good. I was getting ready to leave for work, packed my schoolbag, and squeezed it onto the kitchen counter to go say goodbye to the dog. As soon as I turned away from the bag, it fell off the counter, did a little flip, and landed square on its back. I pulled the laptop out, expecting the screen to have shattered; the screen did have lots of little specks on it, but that's because the fall knocked all the crud out of the keyboard onto the screen. It booted just fine; it doesn't seemed to have been harmed at all by falling 3 feet with two casebooks on top of it.

I did clean the screen, tho'.

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Bleah. So the rank after "Lord Poseidon" is "Master of Typer Shark." Lame. There's another rank after Master of Typer Shark, but it's at 10,170,000 - the best I've managed is 8,995,003. What sucks is, I know that if I got really lucky, I could just barely manage the next rank. But I'll bet it's even lamer than "Master of Typer Shark." Psy.

The other thing that sucks about
Typer Shark is that it's really not that great as a typing tutor. What REALLY bothers me are the mutant green sharks that change their letters to arbitrary characters as you type them. That specifically teaches you to type SLOWLY, because if you type out the whole shark at once, but the first letter changes just as you start typing, you get a tonne of typos. From a gameplay standpoint, I guess they're interesting. It would be nice to see someone make an interesting typing game that lets you read ahead as you type - one skill that Typer Shark doesn't really develop at all.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

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