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  1. History of the alt.drinks.kool-aid FAQ
  2. A Tribute to alt.drinks.kool-aid
  3. Where does Kool-Aid come from?
  4. What about flavours?
  5. How do you prepare Kool-Aid?
  6. What is the most popular flavour?
  7. What does that code on the package mean?
  8. Can I dye my hair with Kool-Aid?
  9. What else can I do with Kool-Aid?
  10. What is the Kool-Aid Fan-Fic?
  11. Does anyone else mix Kool-Aid flavours?
  12. How can I get flavours that aren't sold in my area?
  13. How do I get in touch with the good folks at Kool-Aid?
  14. Where else do they sell Kool-Aid? (Kool-Aid around the world)
  15. What kind of kool-aid was consumed at Jonestown Guyana?
  16. What is "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test?"
  17. What is the Wacky Warehouse?
  18. Is there a difference between regular and super-fruity kool-aid?
  19. Where else can I find Kool-Aid on the 'net?

I. History of the alt.drinks.kool-aid FAQ

1.0  Feb. 11/95   -The original and VERY short version of the FAQ.
2.0  Feb. 16/95   -Version 2.0 included many changes and additions 
                   including the history of Kool-Aid.
3.0  Feb. 24/95   -This version included the results of the latest 
                   poll as well as the web site where the FAQ is 
                   located.  Other changes were made to the format.
3.1  Mar. 30/95   -Includes a new section on Kool-Aid around the 
                   world, and the poem of the month!
3.2  ???          -The subscribers and traders lists were removed and 
                   are now posted as Kool-People and Kool-Traders.
3.3  June 22/95   -Some new Kool-Aid links and more info about 
                   foreign Kool-Aid are a couple of the additions.
3.4  Oct 3/95     -Recipe for Toasted Kool-Aid added.  Kool-Traders 
                   list eliminated; Kool-People list back in FAQ.
3.5  Oct 21/95    -Rob Buisson takes over from the esteemed Kevin
                   Whalen (Kaptain Kool) as keeper of the FAQ.  The 
                   Kool-People list eliminated, New poll results are included.
4.0  Jan 29/96    -News of a new flavour (Slammin' Strawberry-Kiwi) and 
                   the demise of Sharkleberry Fin are included, as well 
                   a Wacky Warehouse section is added to the FAQ.
4.1  Feb  6/96    -Section on Jim Jones added.  New poll results included.
4.2  Feb 29/96    -Section on Super-fruity kool-aid added.
4.3  Mar 29/96    -First posting to alt.answers and news.answers,  
                   making the kool-aid FAQ an "official" usenet FAQ.

II. A Tribute to alt.drinks.kool-aid


"I don't actually drink KA (or I haven't regularly, I think I'm gonna start) but I was cruising the infohighway and your newsgroup looked kinda kooky so I decided to check it out...WOW! This is the nicest, giddiest, neatest newsgroup I've ever read! People on UseNet are usually so quick to anger...I think they just post when they need to vent for whatever reason. In any case, UseNet is almost NEVER a nice, relaxed type atmosphere. This group is a glorious exception. Is it the KA that does it to y'all?..maybe I oughta try some...


-from a net surfer who stumbled across our wonderful group.

III. Where does Kool-Aid come from?

The following was posted by Ron Gregory, who obtained it from Kraft General Foods.

"When he was just 11, Edwin Perkins had the idea of becoming a businessman. He sent for a pamphlet called 'How To Become a Manufacturer.' It must have inspired him, for some 20 years later he was running a 125-product line business out of Hendley, Nebraska. The line ran the gamut from perfumes and toothpaste to flavorings and household products. But the most popular item was a small bottle of flavored syrup called Fruit Smack.

"This soft drink syrup was expensive to market because transportation and glass breakage added heavily to the costs of manufacturing and advertising. So in 1927 Perkins decided to remove the water and bottle and offer the concentrated beverage powder in convenient envelopes. He also changed the name to Kool-Aid. A few years later the company moved to Chicago and discontinued all other products to turn its attention entirely to Kool-Aid instant soft drink mix. By 1939, the Perkins Chicago factory was doubled and additional employees were hired.

"In 1953 the Perkins Products Company became part of General Foods Corporation. About that time, print ads for Kool-Aid mixes showed the soft drink in a large pitcher with a design drawn on the surface condensation -- a heart, a 5-cent symbol or a smiling face. The smile became the favorite, and from 1954 it was used on pitchers in all advertising. When presweetened Kool-Aid came out in 1964, the package carried an illustration of the now well-known rounded pitcher with the smiling face. At that time both the shape and the smile were registered.

"As the demand for Kool-Aid increased, additions have been made to the original line of six flavors. There are flavored mixes to be dissolved with sugar in water and ice. There are also sugar- sweetened mixes, available in packages and canisters. Kool-Aid sugar free mixes, sweetened with NutraSweet, come in both packages and canisters. And now we have Kool-Aid Koolers, ready-to-drink juice drinks, in convenient 8.5 ounce containers."

The six original flavours were Grape, Lemon Lime, Cherry, Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry.

IV. What about flavours?

Not all current flavours are available in all areas. Pina-Pineapple, for example, seems to have limited availability in the US and is not found in Canada at all. Flavours marked US are only available in the United States (as far as I know). There are now two flavours marked CANADA. Purplesaurus Rex and Rock-a-dile Red are reportedly still marketed in Canada. This news was obtained from the customer service telephone line.

Special thanks to Ron Gregory for providing the discontinued flavour, as well as Kevin Whalen and Paul Schmidt for their invaluable contributions.

Current Flavours

Extinct Flavours

The flavours below are, sadly, no longer being produced.

V. How do you prepare Kool-Aid?

This section is devoted to the technique involved in mixing up our favourite beverage. Send in your method and I'll stick it in.


First, I grab one of those empty two quart ocean spray cranberry juice bottle (or any other kind with that shape). Then I dump in the Kool stuff, then the sucre, then put in water (I recommend Reverse Osmosis water, because it doesn't add any nasty flavour to the perfection of Kool-aid) almost to the top. Then I do a little shaky dance until it's bubbly at the top, and pop it in the fridge Or, if I'm really thirsty, I just chug that warm Kool-Aid out of the bottle. mmmmmmmmmmmm, good.

Peter White

I make Kool-Aid in the sacred traditions of my ancestors. First I get my one gallon jug (ocean spray), then I add about two cups of sugar (never measure, always estimate) next I fill the bottle two thirds of the way full. After replacing the lid I shake the bottle until all of the sugar is dissolved. Then I remove the lid and add Kool-Aid, one packet at a time. You may want to add more sugar at this point. If you are up for a very special treat, add a teaspoon of salt....yes salt. Salt makes the flavour more intense. Let it sit for one hour, and enjoy.....and hey, if you squint it looks purple.


  1. Start with a pitcher that still has the last droplets of your last batch of Kool-Aid. (If you are not in possesion of said pitcher then put a tiny bit of water into your dry pitcher before you continue)
  2. Add the Kool-Aid powder
  3. Add the sugar
  4. Fill the pitcher 1/3 of the way full with *warm* water. (Yes this means you might wanna stick it into the fridge prior to drinking, but were talking just tap water warm, not hot)
  5. Stir, shake, etc to mix up the sugar, Kool-Aid powder and water.
  6. Then add the rest of the water (preferably as cold and pure (ie: not from the tap) as possible).
  7. [optional:] Place in fridge to cool
  8. Chug away...

    Jennifer, Ruler of Rex

    Here is the way I make Kool-aid,
    • One plastic Happy Face Pitcher
    • two-thirds cup of sugar
    • one packet of the Kool-aid (flavor of choice)
    • Add the Kool-aid and the sugar, and shake it like you were sauteeing it. Mixing the Flavor and the sugar equally.
    • Then add a little bit of Hot tap water to make a syrupy mixture.
    • Fill with icy cold water and Ice cubes, just to above the eyebrows. As you pour it to drink the ice gets stuck in the spout and the Kool-aid trickles out around it making it nice and chilled.
    • Enjoy.

    VI. What is the most popular flavour

    Well, the polls have closed, and yet another excercise in Kool-AId democracy has been completed. This time around, 23 people cast their votes, which is roughly average, but significantly below the record of 40, set for the April 1995 poll. The total of 23 votes cast was also less than the 27 cast in the September 1995 poll, the last poll on record. This poll was conducted between January 23rd to February 5th, 1996.

    Favourite flavour
    Purplesaurus Rex...  4  18%
    Lemon Lime.........  4  18%
    Cherry.............  2   9%
    Great Bluedini.....  2   9%
    Berry Blue.........  2   9%
    Sunshine Punch.....  1   4%
    Rock-a-dile Red....  1   4%
    Sharkleberry Fin...  1   4%
    Kickin' Kiwi Lime..  1   4%
    Black Cherry.......  1   4%
    Tropical Punch.....  1   4%
    Strawberry.........  1   4%
    Orange.............  1   4%
    Mountainberry Punch  1   4%
    Purplesaurus Rex, a flavour that has been discontinued for over a year, came out on top, in a tie with old favourite Lemon Lime. In the last poll, P-Rex finished tied for second, one behind Kickin' Kiwi Lime, who fell to last in this poll. Two other discontinued flavours, Berry Blue and Great Bluedini, placed in a tie for 3rd place. This was the first poll since April 1995 that Berry Blue was even mentioned, while Great Bluedini improved from its 6th place finish in the last poll. Including the single votes for Sunshine Punch, Mountainberry Punch and Sharkleberry Fin, a full 11 out of 23 votes cast were cast in favour of discontinued flavours.

    This result was devastating for the Orange camp, who fell from a tie for second in the last poll, to a scant one vote in this poll. Grape fell from a tie for second in the last poll to not even being mentioned. All in all, this was the worst performance in memory for either of these flavours in a kool-aid poll.

    Colour Wars: Favourite over-all KA colour grouping.
    Did not say/refused to say..4
    Many people refused to distinguish a favourite overall colour grouping, citing hope that the future of alt.drinks.kool-aid will be one of peace and harmony. Red Ran away with the title, and is now the 3 time defending champion. Tied with Blue last time around, Red outclassed the rest of the field in this poll. Green, which finished one back of Red last time, finished tied for second with Purple. Blue fared well, and maintained its overall ranking from the last poll. However, this poll was a disaster for the Orange camp. After finishing a strong fourth in the last poll, Orange finished dead last, with only one vote.

    Favourite Mix (of 9 sent in)
    Great Bluedini-Black Cherry....1
    Strawberry-Kickin'Kiwi Lime....1
    Strawberry-Lemon Lime..........1
    Lemonade-Iced Tea..............1
    Pink Lemonade-Sprite...........1
    Quite an interesting group of mixes. Cherry-Grape was the only one mentioned twice, and is now officially the favourite mix. Strawberry was mentioned in 3 different mixes, showing its versatitlity. Lemonade was also a favourite mixer.

    Favourite Mixers (based on above mixes)
    Kickin'Kiwi Lime.....1
    Lemon Lime...........1
    Great Bluedini.......1
    Pink Lemonade........1
    Black Cherry.........1
    Continuing a trend that started in the first ever poll on alt.drinks.kool-aid, the favourite mixers are those that did poorly in the favourite flavour poll. Grape, which got 0 votes in the favourite flavour poll, and Strawberry, which got only 1 vote, were used in 3 of the submitted mixes. Lemonade was mentioned twice in mixes, and Pink Lemonade was mentioned once in the mix category, after not being mentioned at all in any of the previous polls. Cherry was tied for the Third most popular mixer.

    VII. What does that code on the package mean?

    Once again, Ron Gregory is to thank, along with Bernard Marrocco.

    The first four NUMBERS in the code indicate the date. The first indicates the year (ie. 4 for 1994, 0 for 1990 etc). The next three numbers are the day of the year it was produced (ie. 001 for Jan 1 up to 365 for Dec 31). The letter indicates place of production. In the US, Chicago is represented by A, EV is for Evanston, Illinois, and M for Modesto, California. In Canada CO stands for Cobourg Ontario.

    VIII. Can I dye my hair with Kool-Aid?

    Several methods of using Kool-Aid to dye hair have been proposed.

    Jodie Zwart

    1. In a large bowl (a little bigger than your head) put in hot water and Kool-Aid. The longer your hair the more packets you need: for shoulder length try 3.
    2. Dunk your head in the bowl, and with a cup and a friend work on pouring the K.A. all through your hair.
    3. Once it is totally covered and saturated squeeze out the excess and blow dry.
    4. Let it sit on your hair for a day. (Beware: it can be VERY messy, and during the day it is on your hair it might smear on your clothes....be careful! Bleach seems to take the stain of off hands and counter tops.)


    1. Take a little bit of hot water and some packets of Kool-Aid and mix the two together into an inky liquid.
    2. Carefully comb it through your hair.
    3. Once it is all through your hair, blow dry it dry and let it sit for a day.
    Beware: the showers will be colourful when you are done!!!! It has been know to last for three days and in a week it is faded. Even if it doesn't work, for that one day it is pretty fun!!

    Mindy Sue

    1. Take the packet of dry Kool-Aid and pour it into a paper cup.
    2. Add a squirt of conditioner and about 3 drops of water.
    3. Mix it so it is kind of thick.
    4. Wet the part of your hair that you want to dye, put it on (cover your hands because it stains really badly) and wrap said hair in Saran Wrap.
    5. Leave it in for 10 mins, and rinse lightly.
    6. Blowdry and style as usual :)

    IX. What else can I do with Kool-Aid?

    Striped KA Cubes

    By pouring thin layers of KA into an ice cube tray and freezing after each layer has been added, you can create striped Kool-Cubes!! Reports of up to four distinct layers have been heard.

    - Captain Cool

    Kool-Aid Cookies

    • 1 cup sugar
    • 1 cup flour
    • 1 egg
    • The other stuff you usually add to cookies like baking powder and salt and stuff
    • 19 packs koolaid
    • 1 box ground up vitamins \
    • 1 container protein powder/ this way you will not die of malnutrition :)
    Mix and bake and stuff. :)

    - Thersa

    Kool-Aid Sandwiches

    I told my girlfriend about all ye friendly folks on a.d.ka and she chuckled and told me that when she was a little kid in Elementary School (2nd Grade about) she used to come home from school every day while her mom was still at work and make herself Kool-Aid Sandwiches. This is not a joke! She used to dump the sweetened powder between two slices of Wonder Bread and munch away. It was years before her mom figured out that's where all the Kool Aid she'd buy was going! In honor of this reminiscence we went and made a Kool Aid Sandwich. It's, ah, interesting. Makes sort of a novel dessert.

    - Francisco Toro


    I found that it mixes very nicely with Cool Whip. You may have to add a bit of sugar (sweeten to taste.) Part of the exploratory process is to discover for yourself the ratio of Cool Whip to sugar to KA. It should reflect your personal preferences. Colour is not important, but do not substitute any actual dairy whipped cream, as this treat must have a certain amount of unnaturalness about it. It's great for dipping twinkies into.

    - John Nielson

    Kool Klothes Dye

    Details!! I need details!!

    Kool-Aid Play Dough

    • 1 cup flour
    • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    • 1 package unsweetened Kool-Aid
    • 1/4 cup salt
    • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
    • 1 cup water
    Mix flour, salt, cream of tartara and Kool-Aid in a medium pot Add water and oil. Stir over medium heat 3 to 5 minutes. When mixture forms a ball in pot, remove. Knead until smooth. Put in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

    - Ellen Davis


    Pretty self-explanatory, but here's the basics:

    Combine your favourite Kool-Aid flavour with sugar, water, and ice in desired proportions and blend. You may have to stop the blender and use a spoon to push all of the ice to the bottom. Be sure to use some water, and not all ice, otherwise it will be too thick and will be difficult to blend.

    Kool Snow Slushy

    When I was a kid, My sisters and I would get a bowl of snow, then sprinkle pre-sweetened Kool-aid on it then eat it with a spoon. You may think this sounds gross, but damn, was it good. Kinda like a snow cone. Try it this winter. (If you have snow where you live).

    - Rock-a-dial Rachel

    Toasted Kool-Aid

    • 1 Packet Kool-Aid Unsweetened Drink Mix Powder
    • 1 Cup Sugar
    • 2 Quarts Water
    • 1 Tablespoon Margarine or Butter (softened)
    • 2 Slices Bread
    1. Place margarine and two teaspoons sugar in a very small mixing bowl or custard dish and set aside.
    2. Place remaining sugar and Kool-Aid powder in a large plastic or glass pitcher and blend thoroughly (keep dry!).
    3. Add one teaspoon of Kool-Aid+sugar mixture from pitcher to small bowl from step 1 and blend until smooth. (This is easiest if the margarine is very soft.) It'll be grainy, that's OK.
    4. Spread onto bread and bake in pre-heated oven at 450F (230C) for about 5 minutes. Or, broil in toaster-oven on high for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes until very bubbly on top.
    5. While the feature item is baking (or broiling), add water to the pitcher and stir to dissolve. Place in fridge for later :-)
    6. Remove Toasted Kool-Aid from oven and kool briefly before serving. Makes two slices.
    - Joe Kool

    Kool-Aid Rice Krispies Squares

    I was looking in my Sunday paper and noticed an ad for Rice Krispies. They Suggest that you add a pack of Kool-aid to your batch of Rice Krispy treats for fruity flavor and wacky color.

    - Robert Stave (stave@why.net)

    Dying Wool

    What I use KA for, like many of my fellow knitters, is dyeing wool. It makes a really great dye, with bright colours that hang around, as long as you don't leave them lying in the sun for a long time. Grape is the best; it gives a brilliant, fresh-looking purple that ordinary chemical dyes just can't seem to manage.

    - Robert Matthews

    Bubbling Kool-Aid

    Here is something neat-o to try with kool-aid... take any flavour kool-aid and put it in a clear glass with some dry ice...it look really swanky...it bubbles and make a little fog...so try it...dry ice isn't too expensive...especially if you share it with a bunch of people!!!!!!!

    - The Merry Prankster


    Put a packet of kool-aid in a bowl and then put in just enough water to disolve it and you can use it as a kool paint... i have some intresting designs painted onn my walls.... now i can look at kool-aid anytime i want! woo!

    - tba@vcn.bc.ca

    X. What is the Kool-Aid Fan-Fic?

    Kool-Aid Fan-Fic is a fictional(?) story of the adventures of Kool- Aid Man and his struggle against the evils of Flavor-Aid Fella. It was/is(?) written by Chris M. Ackney, aka GREEN GUY.

    XI. Does anyone else mix Kool-Aid flavours?

    Many KA drinkers enjoy creating their own special blends of Kool-Aid. A list of favourite mixes follows....submit your favourite!!

    1 Black Cherry:1 Great Bluedinni                    (Jodie Zwart)
    1 Grape:1/2 Lemonade....for those who can't live without PS-
    Rex....this is close.                               (Tammy Abernathy)
    1 Cherry:1/2 Orange:1/2 lemonade                    (Kaptain Kool)
    1 Grape:1 Orange                                    (Adam, Guru 
                                                         of the GRAPE)
    1 Grape:1 Pink Swimmingo                            (jimij)
    1 Orange:1 Pink Swimmingo....for special occasions  (jimij)
    1 Cherry:1 Grape                                    (jimij)
    1 Grape:1 Raspberry                                 (jimij)
    1 Grape:1 Strawberry                                (jimij)
    2 Incrediberry:1 Pink Lemonade....said to taste like Berry Blue??
    1 PS-Rex:1 Black Cherry                             (MugGuy)
    1 Lemonade:1 Black Cherry                           (MudGuy)
    1/4 Incrediberry:1/4 Lemon-Lime:1/2 Black Cherry    (MudGuy)
    1/4 Cherry:3/4 PS-Rex  w/1.5 c sugar                (MudGuy)
    1 PS-Rex:1 Orange.....a true MUD!                   (MudGuy)
    In one gallon jug:                                  (Peter White)
    2 c sugar
    2 Great Bluedini:1 Incrediberry:1 PS-Rex:1 Lemon-Lime:1 Black Cherry
    1 Any flavour:1 Lemonade                            (Kaptain Kool)
    3 1/2 c sugar                                       (Jon Ippel)
    3 Great Bluedini:1 PS-Rex

    Kool-Aid and Alcohol

    This sub-section is for your favorite alcoholic bevarages involving Kool-Aid.

    -Dead Puppy
     Gin + Grape Kool-Aid                       (Ken Meredith, Rob's 
    -T-Bomb                                     (Rob Buisson found it)
     1 packet Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid
     same portion Tequila
     1 bottle Corona Beer
    -Shaker                                     (Rob Buisson found it)
     1 1/2 oz Tequila
     3 oz pineapple juice
     1/2 oz Lemonade Kool-Aid
     1/2 tsp grenadine
    -PS Rex-Rum                                 (Jennifer, Ruler of Rex)
     My personal fave mix is a little PS Rex and about two oz. Spiced Rum. 
     Makes a fascinating treat. If you make a whole batch you can put it in  
     the freezer and make slushies. It's great for those parties where you 
     wanna try a little something different. 
    -Velvet Crush 		                        (Travis W Fisher)
     If you have ever heard of the band Soul Coughing, they mention an 
     alcoholic drink called a Velvet Crush.  It is described simply as "Kool 
     Aid and Gin"
    -The "Vodka-Kiwi-Lime Effect"      (IoKA)
     I added vodka to kiwi-lime kool-aid once, and it turned clear green (as 
     opposed to its normal semi-cloudy appearence).
     Adding everclear to great bluedini and then putting it into one of those
     frosted glass Flintstones cups that McDonald's used to sell creates one of 
     most aesthetically pleasing beverages that anyone could ever want.  It glows
     kind of like the core of a nuclear reactor.  
     1 package grape 
     1 package lemonade 
     2 cups sugar
     .5 liters of Vodka

    XII. How can I get Kool-Aid flavours that aren't sold in my area?

    Alt.drinks.kool-aid is an excellent aid in acquiring those rare flavours and old packets of Kool-Aid. Just post a message with what you are looking for. You may have to be persistent, but the payoff can be quite good. Many have acquired several extinct flavours in this way.

    Secondly, consult the kool-traders list. It contains a list of people who want to trade kool-aid. For more info, check the kool-traders list, or e-mail Rob Buisson (umbuiss2@cc.umanitoba.ca or at qqs450@freenet.mb.ca)

    XIII. How do I get in touch with the good folks at Kool-Aid?

    By phone: USA 1-800-367-9225 
              Canada 1-800-268-7808
    By mail:  in the USA    Kraft General Foods, Inc.
                            Box RK-BC
                            West Plains, NY   10625
              in Canada     Kraft General Foods Canada, Inc.
                            Don Mills, Ontario.
                            M3C 3J5

    XIV Where else do they sell Kool-Aid?

    This is a hard question to answer. Research in this area is ongoing. Naturally, it is available in the US and Canada. Ron Gregory has acquired a single serving packet from somewhere in the Middle East. It has arabic writing (maybe) on it, but the origin is unknown. If you think you can help by reading the packet, e-mail Ron, Kaptain Kool, or Rob Buisson

    The following is an excerpt from a brochure Ron received from Kraft:

    The Kraft General Foods Inc. (KGFI) international markets are

    Middle East and Africa

    Best selling products across the area include Tang powdered beverage, Kraft cheddar cheese in the famous "blue can," cream cheese spread, mayonnaise, Maxwell House coffee, Jell-O desserts and Vitalite margarine.

    Our largest area markets are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain, with agressive developemnt plans to expand sales in Egypt, Algeria and Moroco.


    KGFI's Asia/Pacific region, headquatered in Hong Kong, includes countries in varying stages of development: from westernized Australia and New Zealand, and highly industrialized Japan and South Korea, to such emerging economies as those of India, Thailand, Indonesia and the People's Republic of China....

    Our present operations are most extensive in Australia, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. Although coffee and cheese are our key categories in the region, the product portfolio varies markedly from country to country.

    ... In the Philippines, we have a commanding position in the cheese market and are strongly represented in the powdered beverage catagory, with our Tang and Kool-Aid brands.

    [tiny photo of "Kool-Aid Juicers Strawberry Drink Mix" all in English. very colorful picture of strawberries as backgroud. Of course there are two Tang items... a packet and a jar :-(]

    Kool-Aid was only mentioned in the Philippines section...

    Here are the French versions of Kool-Aid flavours. They are not necessarily literal translations, but are the names as they appear on the packets, in Canada.

     English              French
     Cherry               Cerise
     Orange               Orange
     Lemon-Lime           Citron-Limette
     Strawberry           Fraise
     Tropical Punch       Punch Tropical
     Lemonade             Limonade
     Grape                Raisin
     Incrediberry         Magicolore
     Pink Swimingo        Flambant Rose
     PurpleSaurus Rex     MauvoSaurus Rex
     Rock-a-dile Red      Rock-o-dile Rouge
     Sharkleberry Fin     Requin' Drole
     Orange-Pineapple     Orange-Ananas
     Mango-Berry	      Baies-Mangue
     Kiwi-Lime	      Kiwi-Limette
     Strawberry-Kiwi      Fraise-Kiwi
     Berry Blue	      Baies Bleu

    Kool-Aid in Great Britain

    Thanks to Keri, who supplied us with the location of England's underground supply of "black market" kool-aid...

    I am American, but I'm studying in Manchester, England this year. No one here knows what kool-aid even is, let alone where I could buy some, so my mom has been mailing some to me every week. However, when browsing through Affleck's Palace (a big building with stalls where they sell stuff, like a market sort of thing), I found a guy who was selling individual packets for 50p, which is about 75 american cents! It is robbery, but the guy has to have friends in the US mail him the kool-aid every month, so the costs are bound to be high.

    -Keri Rains

    -If you have friends in other countries, ask them if they sell Kool- Aid where they live.

    XV. What kind of kool-aid was consumed at Jonestown Guyana?

    It is a popular misconception that 900 followers of cult leader Jim Jones committed suicide by drinking Grape Kool-Aid laced with cyanide at their commune in Jonestown Guyana in the late 1970's. This is not true. The followers of Jones actually drank cyanide laced Flavor-Aid, a cheap imitation of Kool-Aid. The Flavor-Aid flavour they consumed was grape. Therefore, Kool-Aid played no part in this tragedy.

    XVI. What is the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test?

    Thanks to David Jones (djones@eng.mc.xerox.com)

    "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" is a book about author Ken Kesey ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" etc.) and assorted 60s types going around in a refurbished school bus and giving people Kool-Aid spiked with LSD to see how they react. This was in the real early days of the hippie culture, possibly even before LSD was officially banned.

    I daresay the publicity people at Kool-Aid were not very happy about having their product associated with such things. You won't find it in official company histories.

    "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" was written by Tom Wolfe ("The Right Stuff") and published in 1968 or 69, depending on which catalog entry you believe. Apparently Kesey et al. weren't too fond of Wolfe or the book. He seems to have hung around for a few days and then headed back for the big city, where they know how to look after guys in white suits.

    XVII. The Wacky Warehouse

    A thank you to Paul Schmidt for the updated Wacky Warehouse Info.

    The Wacky Warehouse is a trading post of sorts that rewards loyal kool-aid drinkers to mail in their kool-aid points for prizes. In the past, kool-aid watches, walkmans, t-shirst and smiling pitchers have been available. Recently, the wearhouse changed the way it operates, and now only offers prizes on a periodic basis.

    There is going to be a new Wacky Warehouse catalog sometime in March-April 1996, and should be available in stores that sell kool-aid. If you want to find out what specifically is available you can call the Kool-Aid number and select the Wacky Warehouse part. The number is 1-800-367-9225 (US only).

    XVIII. Is there a difference between regular and super-fruity Kool-Aid?

    Well, there is substantial debate about this. On December 27, 1994, in my kitchen in Winnipeg Manitoba, I conducted a taste test between Regualar Orange and Super Fruity Orange. The next day I performed a similar test between regular and super-fruity Cherry. My conclusion was, that in both cases, there was no difference at all. However, others refuse to believe those results, and adamantly deny my claims.

    -Rob Buisson

    XIX. Where else can I find Kool-Aid on the 'net?

    Here are some other sources of Kool Stuff. If you find any other sources, please let us know!

    We are still looking for some place to be a "Master link" kool-aid page that would have all of these kool-aid links on it. (that way you wouldn't have to read through the entire WWW version of the FAQ before you hit the http links) If you are interested in doing this, let us know...

         -Current version of the Kool-Aid FAQ, at Utrecht University FAQ site.
         -This WWW version features direct links to all of these web pages below.
         -Current version of the Kool-Aid FAQ, at Oxford's FAQ site	
         -This version also features links to all of the web pages below.
         -Version 4.3 of The FAQ on the WEB, thanks to Chris Koeberle
         -Also features the "fan-fic".       
         -Ken's Home page. Yet another place where the FAQ is available.	
         -Kool-Aid at Yahoo
         -Kool-Aid Fun Page     
         -features some great pic's of kool-aid man, among other things.
         -The Great Bluedini Page
         -Some Kool-Aid reminiscing and lots of links to other Kool-Aid 
         -Ten assorted uses for Kool-Aid.  There are a couple nice Kool-
          Aid pictures including a picture of a strip of Cherry Cracker!
         -Top Ten list of rejected kool-aid flavors.
         -Home page for a rock band called "Project Kool-Aid".
    If any of the above links are outdated, please tell Robert Buisson about 
    it so that the link may be updated or elimintated from the FAQ.


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